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Coaching Packages for you or your Company

The Company Coaching Packages below are ones I’m unusually well qualified to help in after I have decades of experience in startups and operations, as well as many years of coaching – I’ve assembled this blend of consultancy and coaching into packages to help companies.

The Individual Coaching Packages below are a more structured approach to 1:1 individual coaching, designed to tackle specific common issues. Most coaching is unstructured, which enables the client to lead the focus for each session. These packages, by contrast, have a predefined focus for each session.

Company coaching Packages

Operations in agencies – course and coaching – aimed at operations leads. This is a mixture of group coursework and individual coaching, to help people in operations roles improve their company’s efficiency. You’ll study with operations peers across a range of consultancies, startups and agencies with a business model similar to your own. The course covers topics such as resourcing, reporting, tools and processes – and much more. Attendees will gain practical skills, improving operations at their company throughout the course week by week. And the personal coaching will help them for long after, to continue improving themselves and the company.

In-house package: operations consulting with leadership coaching – aimed at small to medium size businesses, who would like to further improve their operations with an outside consultant; and who want coaching to support and further improve performance for the wider senior management team.

In-house package: scaling for Series A startup founders – for founders and senior management teams in startups, recently seeded in series A, looking to scale rapidly. This package combines a tailored practical course specific to your startup’s needs, with coaching, for the whole senior team. I work closely with your management team to identify your main needs, and create a course focused on these areas. It usually covers topics like managing people, company KPIs; tools and systems. It’s supported by individual coaching to help people grow into their new roles.

Individual coaching Packages

These packages are structured with specific topics and tools to cover each week on a 1:1 basis – as opposed to normal coaching, where the client decides the topic each session.

Confidence coaching

  • Tired of the little voices in your head undermining you? Got impostor syndrome and fear people will find out you’re not as good as they think? Time to find a kinder-to-yourself way of being.

The ‘Maker turned managercrossroads

  • People who love making things – developers, creatives, etc, often find themselves in a quandary. The only way forward is management positions – but you still want to be able to ‘make’ stuff. Maybe you don’t think that management is for you. Maybe you’ve tried a bit and hate it. You don’t know what else there might be, other than staying as an individual contributor for the rest of your career. And having the same title for the rest of your life might look like you’re not ‘progressing’.
  • This package gets you clarity on the options available and what’s most important to you. If you’re held back by lack of ‘management’ expertise – this will help overcome that hurdle. You will find an authentic way to manage others that works for you and those around you.

New or improving Tech lead / CTO

  • If you’re new to being a tech lead or manager, you might feel you’re not doing a great job of it – it’s not a natural talent. And the more senior the role you’ve landed, the bigger the impostor syndrome can feel.
  • This package helps you find ways of both being a great manager and your authentic self. We can cover practical details – working with difficult people, inspiring leadership – and also look at any old beliefs or habits that aren’t helping you now.

Goals and direction setting

  • If you’re at a career crossroads; considering whether to do something totally different; feeling a bit lost and purposeless; or just want to get to the next level in your current role – it can be hard to find a way forward.
  • This package gives you clarity on what’s next for you – a role that aligns with your skills and values – and a practical approach for how to get there.

All the individual packages are done as a set of 6 one-hour fortnightly sessions, priced at £500

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