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Operations Consulting With Leadership Coaching – Supercharge Your Company Now

If you’re a small to mid size business and looking to improve and scale your company – this package offers you the perfect combination of operations consulting to help further optimise your efficiency and bring new ideas in, with coaching for each of senior management team. It’s easy to get into a set of habits and ways of working after a few years of success – having an outside set of eyes can supercharge your processes and tools. Or, if you’re already aware of gaps or needs – this consultation will address them.

OVERVIEW – Operations Consulting and Coaching PACKAGE

The package is a blend of individual coaching for the management team plus operations consultancy time over the course of a year.

You can divide it as you prefer. For example, if you buy the Silver pack of 100 hours, you might use 30 hours for coaching (10 sessions for 3 people), plus 70 hours for operations consulting deliverables. You don’t need to decide everything up front – we can work this out over the first months.

  • Bronze – 50 hours – £5,000
  • Silver – 100 hours – £9,000 (10% discount)
  • Gold – 200 hours – £16,000 (20% discount)
  • Platinum – 400 hours – £30,000 (25% discount)

You can extend your package as needed – eg, if you bought silver, and want an additional 50 hours, the same 10% discount rate would apply.

Operations Consulting

At the start, I do initial analysis – 10 to 20 hours working with your leadership team to assess what’s needed, joining some management meetings and reviewing your existing tooling and documentation. You’ll get a valuable initial report, suggesting the main areas to focus on and how long they’re likely to take. We’ll discuss and agree the priorities, and I’ll begin working on these – a few examples of typical deliverables are below, to give you an idea of what can be done, and how long it takes.

  • template creation (eg, scope / estimate / creds deck): 5-20 hours
  • assess and optimise a simple existing process/tool: 5-20 hours
  • create pricing models : 20-40 hours
  • simple new tools eg introducing new wiki, resource management tool: 20-40 hours
  • document complex processes and optimise: 40-80 hours
  • creating internal reporting dashboard and metrics eg balanced scorecard and OKRs or KPIs: 60-120 hours
  • complex tooling – assessing requirements and rolling out new tools and processes with training in sales or project management: 60-120 hours
Operations Consulting

Leadership Coaching

The  coaching component is of equal weight in helping your company further improve. This is strongly recommended for all the leadership team. A blend of 1:1 coaching, with some team coaching, is normally preferred.

1:1 coaching sessions are used to support each individual and help them optimise. These usually begin with a triad session with the coachee and the CEO/line manager, to define what a good outcome would look like, areas to focus on, etc – this is normally the only session where the line manager joins; all others are wholly confidential with the coachee.

If desired, the 1:1 coaching can simply be offered as general support, to address any personal or professional needs, as a general benefit to the manager to help them thrive. However, there are usually at least a few professional areas that both the coachee and their line manager are aware of – listed below – which the coachee would like to examine and improve.

I typically recommend 6-10 one hours sessions, spaced fortnightly, per person.

Common focus areas for 1:1 coaching

  • confidence and impostor syndrome
  • handling difficult conversations
  • dealing with conflict within teams
  • working with challenging stakeholders
  • stress management
  • productivity
  • leadership

These are just a few of the areas where 1:1 coaching can boost performance – and happiness – for the senior management team.

Team coaching is where the whole leadership team are coached together, to help improve relationships and communication practices. This can boost the whole team’s ways of working together, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the team interactions. It’s easy for relationships to deteriorate over time, and for the team to develop unproductive ways of working. Having an external coach to focus in on this can reboot the relationships to be more productive.

Team coaching typically involves a few 2-4 hour sessions with the leadership team over the year.

Leadership Coaching


Small to medium size businesses of all sorts.

My longer background is in tech, creative and service provision agencies and consultancies – so I have particularly good insight for these – but I have worked with clients from all areas throughout my career.


Contact me for an initial discussion. I can usually start within two weeks; we’d arrange a time that’s most convenient to you. The first few hours of meetings and exploration are free, so I can meet some of your team and start to clarify the areas to focus on.

Either email, or  book a 30 minute slot here and we’ll cover your questions.


My mission is to help companies work smarter; help people be better’.

I started in digital delivery and project management back in the 90s, and moved to operations direction roles in digital agencies from 2007. More recently, the last 5 years have focused on operations / business improvement consulting with a wider range of companies, along with business and personal coaching.

The operations consulting roles mean that over the course of a few months engagement, I analyse the operations systems, delivery processes and tools; define and roll out the changes – supported by coaching. Between this experience, and having been operations director / project manager in over a dozen agencies, I have unusually deep and broad practical expertise in this topic, with exposure to a wide range of business environments, tools and challenges – supplemented by academic expertise from my MBA in Technology Management.

In addition to my operations experience, I’m an accredited coach (ICF ACC – the International Coaching Federation’s Associate Certified Coach qualification). I’ve been coaching for five years – I love it as an even more practical (and sometimes transformational) way of helping companies and individuals improve. I typically spend up to half my working time coaching, and half consulting – the two approaches are opposite in many ways, but complement each other beautifully.