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About me

I’m Irish (Waterford/Cork), but based in London for over 25 years. I’ve been working since the mid 90s in digital – a wide range of agencies, consultancies and startups; with time split fairly evenly between roles as Operations Director, and Delivery (project, programme and product management) – helping either companies, or projects, work better. 

Love travel, reading and theatre. For a flavour of my travels and what I’m like, you can see my travel blog from pre-covid days.

Professional Background

Coaching, for me, builds on 20+ years of highly successful professional consultancy and leadership. 

I’ve spent decades building companies and products as an Operations or Delivery lead – but realised some years ago that coaching is a much more successful way of doing this. 

By working with senior leaders and helping them improve their teams and company performance using a coaching approach to uncover barriers, identify root causes and set personally relevant goals, I could achieve much more successful change – than by just telling people what to do.


My approach is holistic – executive, performance and business coaching are core to my professional background, but my coaching practice relates to all aspects of life.

So if you want career coaching to work out your next steps or find a role that aligns with your values; or life or behavioural coaching to help improve constructive behaviours towards life goals – I’m here for you.

I am a practical cat; I count success as you achieving positive change, thanks to this coaching.