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Huge Book Sale Now – A Bookworm’s Dream

Amazing book collection up for sale – it’s located in Sidney Park, near Cork city centre. I’m back roughly every 1-2 months to sell books.

If you’re interested in reserving any of the books, please mail me on

  • I’ll add your name to the dropdown for ‘Reserved’ books in column C.
  • Just put your name next to the books you want to reserve
  • I’ll work out the prices if they’re not already priced. Generally, I’m keen to sell so there shouldn’t be many nasty surprises.

Unlisted ‘pay what you can’ books

As well as the ones listed in the spreadsheet (generally more expensive), there are also a load that aren’t listed that I sell on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. These are a similar range, but they’re usually mass market paperbacks. As a guide, I used to sell them for 1 euro each – but I’m flexible, and would love to see these going to a book-loving home, so – pay what you can!

I hold this book sale for usually a couple of hours when I’m back, every month or two. This sale is normally advertised on Facebook – or just ping or email me to find out when the next sale will be.

Types of books:

There’s plenty of literary criticism and theory especially re Irish writers. Tons of poetry, lots of feminist / gender theory; and a good amount of psychology. Lots of fiction – from popular modern literature to classics.

As well as these listed ones in the catalogue (link below), there’s about a thousand older hardback books still to be manually added – let me know if you’re interested in browsing these.

Book catalogue here:

More books than you could shake a stick at